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    Part 2 of 8.
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    Cuffed silence

    ...as I turned back, he stood right in front of me, hands tucked into his pocket, head hanging low and eyes fixated deep into mine. They were so red and deceptive. His face full of scars narrating a story I was afraid to step into.
    I was shivering down from head to toe with the sudden change of pace in my life resulting in a tormenting destiny. My eyes were widely open not even blinking. Cold wind brushing through my numb face..and then he smiled! A sharp delusional smile with a twitch of his eyes.
    I was looking for an escape but couldn't find one.
    He kept coming closer until I could feel his cold breath and said "Thank you for letting me witness your slow death".
    I started running frantically by the road towards the buildings.
    Completely exhausted, I ran into my apartment, locked the doors behind me and sat there trying to force myself into believing that it was all just a hallucination.
    I stood up, had a glass of water and took a glance out the window.
    And there he was.. smiling and waving at me.
    Unwilling to accept the truth, I shut every single door and window in my house, locked myself in my room, covered myself under the blanket and kept forcing myself in to believing it's all just a dream, a fictional world that I've created as an escape from reality.
    For the next few days nothing unusual happened, I'd get up in the morning, go to office and then come back home consistently looking for that man again, but he was nowhere to be found.
    About 2 weeks later, I was sitting at my dinner table with my laptop, preparing for a presentation I had with a huge client, I was very nervous, my job, my appraisal and my promotions all depend on that. I could shine or I could fade and that made me very uncomfortable. I fell asleep for a moment and felt the same cold wind through the window, I woke up startled and saw him sitting on a chair facing me, he looked angry and I was shocked, before I could say anything he flew right at me and pierced his nails deep in my arms, a loud bang on my head and I fell down on the floor, before I could get up, he held my neck and stared at me through his blood red eyes...