• thesagacontinues07 33w

    Wish we could go back in time, but that wish is not valid! Let's just keep moving on! :)

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    Everywhere I go,
    I'm reminded of the old,
    And good times that we spent,
    The memories are what I vent,

    And yearn to go back,
    To the times we had,
    A lot of fun, joy and carefree,
    Lives, now it's lies that we say we're free,

    From the bond, yet still yearn to respond,
    Or to initiate and break the ice that's big and long,
    Like a road filled with spikes, every step pinches right,
    Through the core and we can't even make it all alright.

    To abscond from the bond that I cherished so much,
    I wonder what it feels like on the other side,
    For the betterment and happiness, I gave up which was tough,
    Now I ponder about the thoughts that pop inside,

    Your head, what do you feel,
    Do you remember me,
    Or have you concealed everything,
    Maybe it's not worth questioning.

    The times were good, so were the memories,
    But reality, like a baseball, hits home and I run to cease,
    And release myself from this reoccurring reminiscing,
    Wish we could have one last talk and just visit back to infinity,

    Like a roller coaster ride, I went up high,
    Infact you pushed me to reach the sky,
    I feel grateful and thankful to be what I am today,
    But like gravity, it all brought me down again.

    But from afar, always wishing good upon you,
    I enjoyed and was blessed to have known you!
    You taught me a lot of things that I wouldn't have learnt otherwise,
    Now it's time to put down the pen and just visualise.
    From a distance, it's maybe meant to be this way,
    Whatever it is, I'm happy that you're in a good place!