• thesagacontinues07 26w

    Here's to the one that we lost,
    those self-s that never made us feel who we are,
    Now like phoenix we rise from our own ashes,
    and bash the expectations to live to the full extent of our hearts.

    #internationalmensday #men #beyourself #you #yourself #real

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    Put down the act

    Boys don't cry,
    They just smile,
    Is a blatant lie,
    That ruins life.

    Men, a majority of them,
    Have grown up to listen,
    And follow what causes mayhem,
    To not show emotions and pretend,

    Everything's alright and fine,
    Nothing can break us,
    It's a facade and hazardous standard to align,
    And walk with it, it's tough,

    Is it really called to man up, or is it okay to let it go,
    Let go of the pain that we hold,
    Let go of the screams that we conceal,
    Within the chambers of heart that won't heal,

    The flames that burn, never showing the scars,
    Always pretending to be strong but always falling apart,
    Humans are born to express, not supress,
    That's the difference no one wants to learn I guess,

    It's a mess, when expectations are too high,
    For us to even reach the sky and still fail to abide,
    Or even show that the act is perfectly on,
    Ironically, what's being shown as all-right, is what is all wrong!

    Responsibilities, rules, restrict from opening freely,
    Expectations, lessons taught are what destroying us completely.
    So for a change, today in the name,
    Of everyone that wants to be free,
    This poem vents out and reaches out for you to be,
    You as you and not what is expected,
    Put down the shield, it's alright, be well rested.

    Invest time in yourself, change the norms that don't ingest,
    Follow your gut and vomit out the mess,
    Freedom is an illusion if it's a crime to be yourself,
    It doesn't matter, become that criminal and change for the best!