• shaliya 171w


    Don't judge her because she isn't stating something and quietly standing over there.

    Let it be a public place or anywhere.

    This is from my own experience, sometimes I want to scream in top of my lungs to all the people out there, that Im not Rude. It's basically I just don't get comfortable in those crowded environment. Even I want to ask apologies for those who won't accept this state of behaviour ( my beloved orthodox aunts, uncles and annoying cousins ) but you need to understand that everybody is unique and different. Sorry To Maa and Appa too that your daughter is bad at socialising.


    Thankyou so much for all the love and support guys������ stay blessed angels������

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    Certain times she is not rude,
    She has millions of thoughts in tip of her tongue,
    And still she is wandering for proper words to justify her statement.