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    I am the song
    Of her soul
    She will never hear...
    I am the light
    In her darkness
    She will never feel..
    I am the dancer
    Of the dance she will never dance with...

    Cloudy whispers she thinks
    She hears
    Echoes of her past..
    Haunts her.
    Looking all around
    For love..
    That's never found..
    For she never looked at me.

    She sees the flesh,
    Not the soul
    She feels the skin..
    Not the tenderness

    I am the best for her
    She will never..have.
    For she does not even see me..
    Right in front of her eyes....

    Tears not cried to my soul,
    Waters hear me yell my thoughts,
    Life to live in part or whole,
    It's the life of have and have nots.

    A serenade for the ages,
    Where did the love go we had?
    Where was love written in our pages?
    Where did my life go bad?

    Waters misty waters calm,
    Hear the beating of my lovely heart,
    As love was in my palm,
    Calling the waters to not let me fall apart.

    Missing you I often think,
    Lovers and friends we were at this tender life,
    Sometimes we might not come back at a blink,
    Waters heal my strife.

    Take me back to when life was simple and free,
    Take me back to where I want to be,
    Waters let me see,
    Who I used to be.

    So, so it is.
    I have loved, and still love you my beloved.
    Tonight the love of a thousand moons dies.
    In the air over the seas of dreams :

    Glory in what was once love in the ocean.
    Heard soft as waves from her lips singing
    The foam that rippled by the shore,
    The night birds flying masked in the clouds.
    The moon once hung in the sky as
    Watercolors of our passion.
    In the night, gentle and serene.
    Hanging in lands of forever, to be admired.
    For the stars became the witness of our art.
    The crest of the moon carries my tears.
    Dropping into the ocean, silently.

    Once the night was silver, shinning with a
    smile as she reflected off the waves forming.
    Now, blackness in the sky where the moons
    Used to hang, darkness now sings the melody
    of a thousand moons of love that died.

    The pale moon seeks her face
    Nth degrees of her isolation
    Softness feels the disgrace
    Gentleness feels the frustration .
    Where are you, why do you hide?
    Silence is your vocabulary
    What are you feeling inside?
    Are you waiting for a coming of some peaceful sanctuary ?

    Let not the night pass without my dear, a kiss
    Let not heart worry do I think of you ?
    It's you my love I miss
    I do. I honestly truly do.

    Let the moon ride tonight
    Show yourself and reveal
    Kiss me,
    So way may seal..

    Our love tonight,
    Under the now bright
    Forever, tonight.

    Possibly the air gets hurt,
    As the blade of grass slices her moving in the wind.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    The way of the fires that burns, melting the frozen ice,
    Into waters of pure.
    Possibly the water hurts wanting to be solid to be one.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    I have tasted my whispers that died deaths in wishing love.
    The bones in me tired of calling to false love.
    I have danced alone in the moonlight with dreams as a partner for life.
    Thinking love was a friend, only to to be disguised as a phantom.
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.

    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is.
    Bright eyes of yours looking at vistas of the world,
    Telling each of the growth of love.
    Finding out love does not grow without hurt and compassion.
    So, I find In me,
    That I love you blind, I love completely.
    A measure of my smile kissing yours,
    I am in love with you,
    Unexpected my dear, results of the way it is

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    She will never hear