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    13 Sept 2021 3.09 pm

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    ❀// From Fairytale to Fairytale

    I wrote a fairytale on the bosom of spring, with the quill of dreams which drank the ink of instincts
    Infinity was a cwtch of time that unfurled from the tip of my quill and my ink baptized the papyrus into eternity
    Unbeknownst to me fate was already in motion to meddle with my tryst and misery was a merciless trespasser 

    ...and time was a master magician who wilted my tales till the tan leaves wept...

    When the leaves turn brown, a saffron gown sank down, painfully enwrapping the palette of plots
    It encapsulated verdant of vision as well as the engrossed verses I so meticulously weaved on the fabric of fantasy
    The parade of seasons were a trim of sandpaper on my fragile heart and within no time, my frail persona metamorphosed into a masquerade grail of poet

    ...and it ensued the beginning of a sail with unforeseen thrills...

    The day her ship sank in the ocean of expectations, her dreams drowned in warbling waves, choking on bubbles of hope
    It was the same day the sailor in her was reborn, the one who swore to always swim until the shore of serenity was nigh
    She kept on striving and swimming till the twilight drowned another sun of her desires and plunged her into muted void

    ...and she belatedly realized how the chaos ceased the music...

    When the music dies moonlight will guide the echoes strung on notations, leading the harmony in the silent hours of night until it reaches the pinnacle of sight, and the crescendo fades into the purpose of plight
    When passion rises, stringing all the voices of vague and ventures, time recited her verses polished by seasons and reasons, as a tale of tranquility

    ...she who fought with the tides of time is now a fairytale herself...