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    "The most beautiful thoughts are always beside the darkest."
    - I Thought About Killing You, Kanye West

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    I've been raised in hell
    Where every hour felt like the devil's hour.
    I would see deep blue eyes
    The most beautiful ones
    Behold the darkest secrets.
    And the next thing I know,
    I'm standing in front of their graves.
    Some of them are still out there
    Pieces of them, found, recovered
    And with them got buried every secret they ever wished to speak.
    When you tell me that love can heal the world
    I want to believe it. Genuinely.
    I've seen love when a mother asks her kid to run away
    As she is held at gunpoint.
    And I've seen love when the kid decides to stay.
    I've seen the battle between the mother and kid
    Deciding who must run away and who must die.
    The next thing I know, the kid's running down the street
    Splashes of blood on his face, horror in his eyes
    He just saw his love shot in the head with a gun too heavy to describe.

    And with every kid that comes running down the street
    Or with every mother or father or sister or brother who holds the pale body of a kid
    Love fades away a little bit more.
    And heaven becomes utopia a little bit more.
    I've seen people die inside
    Way before their heartbeat stopped and they were declared dead to the world.
    Every day, every minute, every hour
    Feels a blessing
    And we thank God for not being the decayed bodies and not being held at gunpoint.
    But it is more of a curse
    Because what's the point of living a life
    Where you don't even know what it's like to 'live' a life and
    You are running from the demons outside and inside.

    I wonder if there exists a world outside this world
    I wonder if there is some sort of parallel universe
    Where there is another me, who's comparatively happier
    And hasn't seen death
    Or if she has, she hasn't seen it enough to get accustomed to it.
    I wonder if there really exists a utopian version of a world which is inside my head
    Where hope is a flower
    Which blooms every day
    And doesn't die every single day.
    Where dreams are seen and they are achieved
    Instead of buried.
    And there exists people with beautiful eyes
    Who don't behold the darkest of secrets.
    I wonder if it's all just a dream
    Or maybe I know about a reality
    Without even experiencing it.