• phoenix_in_ashes 19w

    Drizzling holy charm upon parched skin
    Drowned dreamy hairs settled upon shoulder.
    Fingers entwined, smirks, aloof lips and love
    Verdant pillars behind, bending along winds
    Wild nature within invisible in pictures
    Perhaps seldom would know our aromas
    Albeit these camera capture an enchantment
    Everlasting, never to fade,it remains
    Rose petals from canvas have fallen in abyss
    Alabaster shimmer comes out yet
    Yearnings bite dusted melancholia
    My eyes blink beneath motherly mementos,
    Merely failing in reincarnating her serene
    Shallow seas and eleven season drowning
    Dear photos in hand tend to weigh heavy
    Harmony somehow over dormant face
    For each turning page, this album recreates
    All celestials i found in flesh
    Freely prevailing in our time lines
    And i lay these photos above my lone chest,
    Drizzling holy charm upon parched skin
    Dreamy hairs of mine settled in relief
    For cherished love, lost and days to come.

    #photo #wod

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