• _firefly 11w

    When sunflowers fall off my eyes
    and the sky gets covered in
    obscurity of the greyish pastel clouds,
    hiding the silver flaking stars who
    once guided me on my way home,
    I knock the door of a library,
    filled with the scent of muses
    of various poets and writers,
    who once got lost just like me.
    My heart gets filled with serenity,
    decorated with the presence of
    enormous lifetimes written inside
    those worn pages, longing to be read.
    There is so much feeling and pain
    hidden behind the black fonts, embedded
    in the wilted walls of these books,
    which I can relate to, for I am left alone,
    in the dark streets of unhinged emotions,
    where only these books keep me sane.

    _firefly // Books are a man's best friend.

    #start #somuchc #wod @writersnetwork ❤ reverting love back!

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