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    Camel hump hill

    Men in maroon, climb camel hump hills
    Meniscus smile, smells like burnt orchids
    They count miles, on direction died days
    Bent neck of theirs, too heavy to look up
    All they're lost in crowds, against friction

    Some pebble-patterns, don't draw home
    Rather abandon you, at mid-dense-forest
    Thy lamps blast, out of flood of light rush
    Woods show, histories of broken shelters
    Termite of loneliness, invades thy survival

    Honeycomb, deprived of honey-fill'd-holes
    Bee-beaten jar, juggles to kiss pure brown
    Time comes, rewards won't reach to you
    Expectations to justify the sufferings sigh
    Mere empty hands hold persistence again

    At night, pillow presses your mouth harder
    Darkness becomes mirror, eyes get vision
    Anxious horses inside thy brain, run roughly
    Sleep isn't mercy, rather battle of brooding
    Peace is a daydream, of damaged dreamer

    As snake sheds his skin, life leaves phases
    Reasons of changes are unknown like future
    Still we go through all hues under same skin
    For, struggle doesn't demand thy surrender
    Human inside thou wins, until he fights back