• eusmaph 35w

    Wide - Awake

    The midnight blue sky
    And thousands of jewels shining
    Yet my heart earns for someone
    With whom my midnight conversations will be

    Eyes wide awake
    Soft lullaby lulling the tired eyes
    The dark circle even more prominent
    But the brain doesn't heed to the tired voice
    The atmosphere being so caliginous

    The restless nights make me shiver
    Like the fear in a deserted road
    Far and deep
    The darkness of the mind mocks
    How tenebrous life is
    How lonely broken promises are
    And so many in life greet the loneliest
    Only to be lead astray

    Dark dark thoughts
    Lead the nights
    And finally the eye shuts
    Blocking everything – wanted and unwanted

    And the eyes open infinite times
    In a deep despair to remember
    The incubus haunting
    But they have taken shelter again
    In the depth of the darkest shadows
    Waiting for the eyes to close

    When morn comes
    The conspicuous eye bags
    Reveal yet another night
    Haunted by the incubus

    And what hurts is
    No one wanders why or how
    And no one cares to know
    The what either...