• wisteria_ 39w

    It poured like rain.

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    Let me write,
    Before I forget how love felt,
    Before I vow, to walk slow,
    And walk past.
    You packed me a diary,
    Of sweet truthful lies,
    You looked over them,
    And had me smiling inside,
    You held me,
    Through the winds of night,
    Waiting for our senses,
    Fading into the dark.
    Oh, we laughed,
    And danced,
    With curtains open,
    And the world a little tipsy.
    Let me write,
    Before I forget,
    How you came back
    To kiss me,
    On the chilly morning,
    And I made you laugh.
    We looked pretty together,
    In the rays of sun,
    A little late, a little better.
    And through the musical dreams,
    And the stars on my terrace,
    Long back, when we sang along.
    And today,
    The same stars, sing back in the days.
    We didn't walk on the road,
    To find answers,
    We knew them,
    Long before we kissed.
    I knew, I'd watch you leave,
    And still I spun around,
    Some tipsy steps,
    In love.
    Let me write imperfectly,
    How I'll remember,
    What it felt like, in love.