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    Danger ahead

    How often do you feel life is a
    graveyard, coffin is a hand
    decorated home and eternal
    sleep is what you crave for?
    I'd say I feel it almost everyday
    to lie six feet underneath the soil,
    breathless and bathed bleakly in
    bewilderment while shedding off
    this thought of living minute by minute.

    But then the sun climbs up the sky
    and leaves a hickey on the horizon,
    an unforgettable sunset so is it how
    failure stains the bed of my dreams?
    I don't know
    and the only thing I know is
    overthinking is a pessimistic way
    with a danger ahead hoarding yet
    I keep crossing it again and again
    with no hold on velocity till I get
    entrapped within its rusted closures.

    I want to emigrate from my own mind
    till no lyrics could find resemblance
    with my concurrent emotions.
    The road ahead is full of divergence
    and I haven't learnt the art of
    being meticulous so I rash drive
    ignoring that this mind is the only place
    where I can wander freely.