• ivy___ 5w

    It happened to me to hide a love for fear of losing it;
    It happened to me to lose a love for having hidden it.

    I happened to shake hands with someone out of fear;
    I've been scared to the point that I can't feel my hands anymore .

    I happened to cut people I loved out of my life;
    I happened to regret it.

    Sometimes I cried for nights, until I fell asleep;
    There have been times when I've been so happy that I couldn't close my eyes.

    It happened to me to believe in perfect loves;
    Then to discover that they do not exist.

    It happened to me to like people who disappointed me;
    It happened to me to disappoint people who loved me.

    Sometimes I spent hours in front of the mirror trying to find out who I am and to be sure of myself to the point of wanting to disappear.

    I have lied and then blamed myself, told the truth
    and blamed myself too.

    Sometimes I pretended to make fun of people I loved
    before crying later, in silence in my corner.

    It happened to me to smile while crying tears of sadness and to cry
    so much I had laughed.

    Sometimes I believed in people who weren't worth it,
    and stopped believing in those who nevertheless deserved it.

    It happened to me to have fits of laughter when it was not necessary.

    It happened to me to break plates, glasses and vases, out of rage.

    It happened to me to feel the lack of someone without ever telling them.

    It happened to me to shout when I should have been silent,
    to be silent when I should have shouted.

    Many times I didn't say what I thought to please some,
    other times I said what I didn't think to hurt others.

    I happened to pretend to be what I am not to please some,
    and to pretend to be what I am not to displease others.

    I've told silly jokes over and over
    just to see a friend happy.

    It happened to me to invent a happy ending to stories to give
    hope to those who had none.

    I have dreamed too much, to the point of confusing dream and reality...

    I happened to be afraid of the dark, today in the dark.
    “I find myself, I lower myself, I stay there”

    I've already fallen countless times thinking
    I wouldn't get back up.

    I got up countless times thinking
    I wouldn't fall again.

    I happened to call someone so as not to call the one
    I wanted to call.

    I happened to run after a car because it took
    the one I loved.

    I have called Mom in the middle of the night while escaping
    from a nightmare.
    But she didn't appear and the nightmare was even worse.

    I have called people close to me friends and found out
    they weren't.
    Others, on the other hand, whom I never needed to name have
    always been and will always be dear to me.

    Don't give me truths, because I don't
    always want to be right.
    Don't show me what you expect from me because I will
    follow my heart!
    Don't ask me to be what I'm not, don't invite me to
    conform, because sincerely I'm different! I don't know how to love halfway, I don't know how to live on lies, I don't know how to keep
    my feet on the ground. I'm still myself but I won't always be the same!

    I like the slowest poisons, the most bitter drinks, the strongest
    drugs, the craziest ideas, the most
    complex thoughts, the strongest feelings.

    My appetite is voracious and my delusions are the craziest.

    You can even push me from the top of a rock, I will say: – so what?
    I love to fly!