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    Dear Mom,

          I am sorry, I wanted to say this to you earlier but I was scared about your response. I have seen you sobbing in the dark, I heard your cries and I did not want to add on them. I know dad loves me but at the same time, he is conscious about his prestige. All these thoughts pulled me back from sharing anything.

        But now, I am tired of hiding it. I want to say what I went through and what I feel. I feel suffocated here mom. I often feel as if I am caged. I can sense those eyes touching me without touching me. I feel that hot breath even when I metres away. Why it is like this? If a meter of dupatta can save me why not the jeans. Will it be over if I start wearing a saree? If it is so why did I bleed in my uniforms even when I wore a full dress? Why do I deserve that touch which makes me uncomfortable? Going through puberty and body changes made me even uncomfortable. Why did they call me melons? I feel shame for being a girl. Isn't it natural mom? You said it, right? But why society doesn't understand.

      Yesterday I met a kid here. She is just two. What kind of dupatta she should have worn? Does it matter mom? I know girls are bound to some rules, but I wonder, who made them? Does it even help? Instead, why don't they teach them how to defend? Why didn't they stand for me when I was teased? Why I was left alone? Why I was treated so bad? It hurts mom. My freedom to shout was ripped. My eyes were forced with fear, my fully covered body was shared as a treat. I was crushed till death. I faced it, mom, I am brave but proof of the truth should never exist. So they sent me here. But still, I didn't find my answer.

      What was my fault? My dress? My makeup? My job? My fate? Or being a girl? Will be waiting for your answer.

    Your's loving daughter



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    * They said, wrap a shawl
    Though I had wrapped a saree
    They wrapped my body

    * Criminal and crimes
    The victim and blames, if you
    Question face shame