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    ♤// O eternal empyrean !

    Forgive this traitorous humanity for never hee
    ding your traits of acceptance and abundance
    For never in a billion years would they own a h
    eart as vast and valiant, as kind and kaleidosc
    opic, as monochrome and magnificent, as leal
    and limitless as you
    You are never as close to touch as you are to t
    rust, an irony, you bear witness to evolution yet
    no kind could own you, you're in line of sight ye
    t far to fight
    You're a tease of canvas for moribund metapho
    rs, myriad hues and multitude dreams
    You're home for all and none, for you're a mirror
    to mind, mood to madness and muse to master
    You, my eternal love, let this ephemeral bud soa
    k your gleams and glees to grow and gain, you'r
    e a guide and a guardian, a charm and a chalice
    to the nefelibata in me, let me soar as high as
    humble, for I yearn to belong in Aurora's Abode

    O cloudland, you're a warrior unbeatable !