• woodsorrels 5w

    Even if you cannot change
    The gray stars of your fate
    Don't mislay hopes but look
    On the other side of the sky
    If you cannot change the
    Wrinkles of torn past at the
    Corners of your eyes
    Stand in the sunshine and
    Rise among anthuriums
    If you cannot change the
    Happiness of your share shut
    In tears knit yourself a new
    Story and braid it with some
    Butterscotch budgies
    Even if you cannot change
    The address of peace coming
    From emptied promises and
    Escaped hearts uncover it in
    Faces around you, if you
    Cannot change the nights
    With depressed looks paint
    A fistful of butterflies upon your
    Ceiling, if you cannot change
    Black clouds by your window
    Sketch some neat blue skies
    In your drawing book
    Even if you cannot change
    Days with tough roads you
    Can watch your feet while
    Walking, even if you cannot
    Change the way how certain
    Things happen to you, you
    Still can change the way you
    Understand them, you still
    Can change the way you
    Soak them up

    -wds/attitudes and acceptance/

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