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    Nani - maternal grandmother
    Aam panna - Is an Indian drink renowned for its cooling properties. It is made from raw mangoes and is yellow to light green in color, and is consumed as a tasty and healthy beverage to fight against the intense Indian summer heat.
    Masala - In Indian cookery, masala is a mixture of spices ground into a paste.
    Dupatta - A long scarf of cotton , silk or chiffon worn by South Asian women over the shoulder or draped around the head .
    Bindi - a coloured dot marked on the forehead .

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    she was a potpourri of love
    sprinkled with oodles of laughter
    a saga of intriguing stories
    her kitchen no less than an artist's atelier
    with rows of homemade pickles and jams
    jars of aam panna to drink
    through our sweltering summer holidays
    I remember nani
    with her deeply tanned hands
    ever stretched out
    to envelope me in her warm embrace
    she smelled of mellow moments ...
    a vivid memory etched
    on the canvas of my childhood ...
    aromas of heaven infused masalas
    still linger in my mind
    as I recollect her pounding laboriously
    on a stone carved mortar and pestle
    with her dupatta sitting delicately
    on her salt and pepper head
    her nosepin sparkling
    as beads of sweat slid down
    her bindi dotted forehead
    with each bite of her hand cooked meal
    there was a story that kept me enthralled
    and I remember ma watching us from a corner
    with a wistful smile and wet eyes
    she's long gone now
    and her mortar and pestle
    sits proudly in my kitchen
    a reminder of how people pass on
    Leaving behind legacies to cherish
    in which we search
    what we've forever lost