• manasaa 17w

    6 AUGUST 2021.

    Let me tell you about a DEVI(ka) born this day ��

    ~She is the yellow hue of rainbow ~
    She is the yellow of fireflies amid darkness of night. She is the yellow sunrise, rising to solace the lonely blue sky. She is the yellow flame of ferocious fire. She is the bold yellow in the face of majestic leo.

    ~Reading her feels like a monsoon sky~
    She rains feelings that tickle your skin and wash away the numbness buried under it. Her words are lightining that strikes hard and illumines your heart. Her thoughts echo like thunderclap in your mind, leaving a lasting impact.

    ~She has sanguine soul and surefire heart~
    She fights storms with swords of hope. She untangles regrets from her hair and braids them with wisdom. She buries her struggles in graveyard and smiles sunflowers.

    ~She is THE sangfroid soul~
    And darling, neither syllables nor sentences nor stanzas can describe sangfroid soul.


    Happy birthdayyyyy Devika di ��

    I admire you very much as a writer and a person. If I talk about you as writer, I can keep talking. Your proses hold creativity, alliterations, acrostics, syllables, sonnets, honesty, fantasies, feelings and they HOLD SANGFROID VIBES. No matter whether the account is sangfroid soul or thunderclap or poeticdiplomacies, your words radiate the same sangfroid aura (and Riya's tangible tunes account also��). YOU are THE SANGFROID SOUL. One and only.

    Thank you for cheering me up when I was low . Guess what, from the day you recommended that mood-lifting video, I became Danny Casale subscriber. Sunsets heal so do you. And I love you acrostic queeeen. Enjoy the day :)

    @thunderclap I wanted sangfroid soul to be here this day but thunderclap is sangfroid soul as well. But imagine a birthday account receiving tons of birthday wishes this day. Cute isn't it :)

    PS : Tbh for past two days I have been trying to write a double acrostic with Devika and yellow or Devika and Belong or Devika and sunset. I just couldn't pull it off. I realise (not newly obviously) the efforts you put in your writings and how highly talented writer you are. One day, someday I will write my first double acrostic and the inspiration is you♡ Adding my old acrostic in BG because a birthday wish for you without acrostic felt incomplete for me��

    Happy 18, Happy adulting ❤

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    Dearest Devika Di,
    D onning wisdom as tiara, you
    E ntwine syllables into sonnets.
    V alour tales, your scars narrate to
    I gnite the gallant flames of souls.
    K indness your heart holds, but no
    A crostic can ever praise you enough.