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    What are you watering? Can you change the seeds that you are currently nourishing and grow love, happiness, peace and forgiveness instead?

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    What are you growing
    in the garden of your mind
    what do you water
    nourish, feed?
    Do you plant seeds of forgiveness,
    of love,
    or do you fertilize weeds of anger
    resentment, fear?
    What are you growing
    in the garden of your heart?
    Do you allow sunshine to reach dark pain
    in the corners of your heart –
    Do you allow tears to wash it clean
    and nourish it –
    Or do you put up fences
    to keep out the feelings?
    Get on your knees
    grow your own food
    decide what it is you want in your soil.
    Know what you are cultivating
    what you are growing –
    a lot can grow in the garden of your body
    if you let it seed
    nourish it
    allow it
    watch it grow.
    ©Priya Gupta~