• sayitsme 40w

    A more love

    All the 4 moons we've been together is enough to spend thousand years of wait. Our love never grows old here , as we are forever Young. This journey started and now there's no point of return. I will kill this night and you bring the sunrise. We shall plant a new life together.
    No matter how far you stay, how long your destination is . I shall reach it so easily . I shall visit my heart then.
    You brought me your love , showered my life and now I again want it back .
    I have countless questions to ask.
    And yet hundred more to go. But would you be here standing? Stiff, husky and matured enough the same?.
    I am a complete sense of innocence , I know nothing about this . You told me one day , I will be teaching love to you more perfectly you'll ever do. And really now, you give me a puzzle a myriad one, I shall give no sigh , and here's your answer.
    Teaching and learning journey of this process is beautiful, but beautiful still if I could show you my enlightenment darling!.

    I love you my heaven