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    Inspired from the song 'Bye-bye yesterday'.

    #growth am late but still...does this count?

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    Bye-bye yesterday

    ||with one thing after the other, I've forgotten to live in today||

    Shimmering stars,
    Finding happiness in the real world,
    They are yet to be found.
    Hidden away like insecurities;
    Shoot an arrow of pain
    In the rippling waters of anxiety. 

    I grow up a bit more everyday,
    Still, everything has yet to make sense.
    Au revoir I say to illusionistic ending,
    I'm off for a new beginning. 
    Breathe once, I live again,
    Discovering something new each day. 

    Lessons snuck in the quakes of life,
    I wish to be able to find them. 
    Scars glow like the setting sun,
    I sharpen my blade once again.
    Bye-bye yesterday,
    Doors slamming shut everywhere,
    Even the laughter is fading away.

    Bye-bye yesterday,
    It was fun while it lasted,
    I'm back to painting my nights with happy lies again.
    Paint rots like the leaves on winter trees,
    Tears don't fall from my eyes anymore,
    I've let go of the thread binding your memories to me. 

    //bye-bye yesterday,
    I won't be back to hoping for tomorrow to be just like yesterday//