• sereiin 28w

    Boys will not be boys

    Boys will not be boys for they will not keep the masculinity the society taught them as reminders tattooed on their skin.

    Because the boy I know is fragile like a flower and sweet like it's nectar so he came home labelled "Handle with care" written by his father because his son finds no strength keeping his cries inside his throats until it hurts and he never speaks again and because he doesn't break his mirrors and bruises his knuckles when he is angry instead he writes death note like poetries in his diary before sleep. For he knows blood on his hands doesn't make him man and not crying doesn't give him abs so he will not bottle his tears to the grave and so the boy I know has a stomach too small to shove toxic masculinity in it. Instead, he eats his insecurities bit by bit and gulps his ego down, wears a loose pink shirt and confidence in his smile and he doesn't keep his anger on the sleeve of his shirt and his egos clutched between his fingerlings.
    The boy I know learnt how to love from his mother and so he'll make you laugh and sing you to sleep but will not hold your hand in his and taste the tip of your lips until it mouths a Yes because his mother taught him to ask for consent before she taught him to sing. So the boy I know is happy in the world he built for himself with no rules to qualify as a man and so he doesn't mind the label his father put over him for he knows fragile is beautiful.

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