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    Harshi, I am alright love, just wanted this to be out. I know you are proud of me and I love you too.


    [P.s.- I read both of your writeups. Wait for me to spam the comment box early morning tomorrow.]

    @afira_albab I miss you di, I love you.

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    Things I wish I could tell my mother

    1. I failed everything that belonged to me. I don't seem to like cupcakes now, not even the ones filled with chocolate and melted marshmallows.

    2. I get scared when you open the door and throw all the stuffs, I fail to put at the right place. My bag is still there on grandma's rocking chair, she knitted it for me.

    4. I crouch down with my knees up to my chest everytime your friends come over and you praise how well I drink integral and sinusoidal functions as if they are some aspirine shots made from phenols.

    5. I bite my nails everytime I hear the whistle go off at early morning as the sound of lid collide with utnesil which refrains me from recalling the aroma of brown rice my friend cooked.

    6. I like sound of chirping crickets as it reminds me of how coins once used to clink in grandpa's coat and admiration in his eyes everytime I told him about gold in our array.

    7. I am not lazy but weak. I am weak for, every spider web in corners which are abandoned since a year and for that baby lizard who grew a little tail last week.

    8. I eat my lips everytime dad brings up the past and you lean with your elbow on his shoulder because his knucles become weak and his voice starts to break when he sees my tears.

    9. He manages to score a perfect score but I am always seven places behind him. My ribs ache when you remark the fault is mine, it isn't.

    10. I can never trust uncle around me. Please understand why I get nervous every morning he shaves his beard and collects the extensions from basin.

    11. I hope you could see that my cell phone is the only reason why I am holding up because she praises me every day even if I solve only five numericals in three hours.

    Maa, I hope you never see this because I painted my nails today.

    I painted my nails| 25.09.21