• harvest_of_mind 68w

    @jigna_a @shrihari_nandini
    Inspired by Adwaita philosophy which professes equivalence of soul and God.

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    True identity

    Infatuated by moon every night..
    one day I was lifted off my feet,
    and drawn through miles,
    like a fly, to the flame bright.
    There in the heavenly environ,
    I drank deep from the lake of elixir.
    I plunged, lost the senses..
    and spent time unknown.

    After long hours,
    I felt the darkness gathering,
    and elixir turning to water.
    The sun shone on the other side..
    and moon lost all it's charm.
    I kept brooding the whole night,
    and the next morning..
    took flight towards sun..
    at the first sight..
    realising it to be the power..
    behind the bewitching moon.
    Moon appeal was to heart,
    Sun's to the rational mind.

    Sun was scorching,
    I sweated like a fountain.
    I burned, I pushed-on,
    Sun was forbidding, threatening,
    I pushed-on.
    Finally, I merged in the Sun,
    and became one with it.
    Now, I realized my true identity,
    the beauty of moon is because of me !
    I am the sustainer of all life,
    the source of all energy !
    My light shines through all,
    lending charm to the beautiful,
    and bewitching the beholder !!