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    Happppiest birthday rajeeeeeeeev �� #rajeevkabirthday


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    An eloquent and a silver tongued poet
    Crossed paths with me in the Jack Frost season when the words on my tongue were freezing his verses kept it warm.
    Carrying Poetries that tastes like butter spreading itself on a bread loaf,
    Carrying Poetries with sublime phrases smoothly walking down one's heart.
    Carrying poetries that can ruin the frost season's cold cunning winds by turning them warm.

    A friend who's care is as sweet as the candyfloss,A friend who's heart slips into sadness if I breathe in sadness.
    A friend who's not just a friend but
    A motivator who who's always there to guide to not to be afraid of the up"s and down's as it shall pass like the season of frost.