• thelogophilia 49w

    #autobiography of a sunflower ��

    Blooming as bright as sun,
    While gleaming as gold
    Standing firm all day,
    Facing the sunlight bold.
    With my bud blooming to yellow petals,
    Deepening to orange light at the base
    Seeds of hope in the middle,
    Of my soul.

    When am young,
    I always follow the ray of sun.
    Among the fields of us,
    He became my true friend.
    Playing, swaying, dancing,
    Behind his shine all day.
    As, I always love to be a heliotropic.

    When I grew old,
    I became mature knowing my purpose,
    Standing again still facing the Easterly.
    Grasping the power of early dawn,
    With greatest opportunity for my growth.
    Reflecting with gratitude and a strong bond.

    Nourishing my seeds the utmost,
    Dissilienting them daily,
    For plethora of nectar to be formed.
    Blessings the insects a life long.
    Souvenir for the fellowship of people.

    Acme I rise,
    Daily with a new hope,
    Strengthening myself enough,
    To be adore by others.
    Passionating them to be like me,
    Blooming above the ground,
    Facing the brightest side,
    Mammocking the darkness.

    © divyamukharjee

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