• heartsease 10w


    You once told me to drape
    scars with beige roses and
    grow by wrapping remains
    of upheaval. But fear flaunt
    cobwebs betwixt thorns,
    which are afraid of prickling
    skin in delirious way amidst
    orchard that is, for you, lethal.

    You once told me, poets are
    bohemians sculpting domicile
    for every trespasser walking
    inside the vast colony of their
    poetries, now that I roam on
    the lanes of unheard stories,
    light transpire within me every
    day while darkness fail to step
    amidst my allegories.

    You once told me to bloom
    sunflowers in backyard of my
    house, you said people pass
    withered flowers to others &
    keep blossoming once in their
    own caskets. Little did I knew
    this world runs on the chariot
    of beautiful hearts but deep-
    inside survive on else's flesh.

    You once told me, this journey
    is more about relishing on the
    bounty it carries than arriving
    at the destination we are meant
    to be, so I fly everywhere my
    heart wants before this wings
    reach at the shoreline of dreams,
    which is stitched to the vast sea.


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    You once told me,
    poetry is an abode and
    not a trance of curfew,
    and what I did?
    I believed in you.