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    I simply adore lovers. Especially the star crossed lovers have my respect and a great deal of attention.
    Yet, I can not love. I am too far from holding onto one single thing for a long time. How can I promise to stand up to my words, when I can not even complete my left out poetries, begging for a conclusion.
    I am only good at the begging, and I suck at ending things.
    Moreover, love is that flame that looks good burning for long and I am one dried out piece of wood. I burn easily, and hastily. So much, that in the end, all that I am left with is black ash.

    Also, I'm one hollow, miserable trunk. Loving is horrible for people like me. It makes us insecure for our vulnerabilities. It makes us skeptical about our existence. Love is meant for people with a strong chest. But for people like me, who carry delicate muscles for a ribcage, loving isn't easy. Loving isn't easy, for it tears up our chest effortlessly, it breaks into our heart. We fall for people in a blink. We open up our hearts for them and let them have the access to all of it. We allow them to get inside of us, and mess things up.

    //These violent delights, have violent ends.// The more passionate love is, the more tragic is the end of that love story. //And in triumph die, like fire and powder. Which, as they kiss, consume.// Fire ignites the gunpowder as one lover ignites violent desires, exhilarating passion for the other. They create a boom, a burst, a bang of gratification like triumph. They create a triumph that exists for an exhilarating profound period, brief, and frizzles out. People like us are like gunpowder who never understood the sense of loving moderately.

    Dying in the arms of our lover doesn't terrify us. Nothing matters as long as we are with them. We live too low-key, and love too hard. //So much, that sometimes it becomes hard for us to think of them without our teeth clenched.// Our love is all the colours, but in the brightest shades. People like us aren't meant for loving, for all reasons defy us once we fall for a them.