• 17wishesforsadiah 15w

    They told her to hold back
    What was brewing in her heart
    She unbridled all the letters
    She had hidden in the dark
    One after the other
    She poured verses on paper
    From its surface rose upwards
    All emotions as if vapour
    Becoming clouds and raining down
    Her petrichor made the canvas brown
    In whiff of all there was to see
    She painted herself a dairy
    In which all worlds merged together
    And lived inside a heart happily
    Words became her friends
    And she started giving them life
    Beauty sprawling out of her poems
    Was full of love and life

    Ahaaaa enjoyyy your dayyy Diahhh�� @daphnae

    Afira @afira_albab

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    For all that it matters
    I must tell you you're awesome