• gemsofficiel 26w


    We hear it so often
    What does it really mean?
    Is it objective or subjective?
    Should I fill in the gaps or let the gaps fill themselves in?
    Should other people fill it in for me?
    Cause a lot of people are trying to do just that
    Especially the people closest to me
    Some do it cause they care
    Others do it cause they think they know what's good for me better than I do

    They don't understand me
    But they believe they do
    I don't blame them
    Cause it's human nature
    We think we know another person better than they know themselves
    Better than God knows
    But I refuse to live other people's reality
    I refuse to be defined by the ideology of another person
    The ways, lifestyle
    Experience, beliefs
    Of friends, foes and those who are close
    Though sometimes these help
    But it can never define my reality
    It can never define my life, my truth
    It can never define me

    So where do I go to for truth
    Who should define my reality, my life, my decisions, thoughts and words?
    Who should classify my actions, identify my purpose, determine my future?
    What or who has this responsibility?

    Only 1 has this role
    The one knows what I don't know
    Sees what I don't see
    Understands what I don't understand
    The one I call my God
    My Father
    My lover
    My prince
    My Knight in shining armour
    My King and my salvation
    The one who made me royalty
    Who has seated me in heavenly places
    Above all principalities and powers of darkness
    Who makes the impossible possible
    Who loved me when I couldn't love myself
    Saw me when I couldn't see myself
    Knew me when I didn't know myself
    Believed in me when I didn't believe in myself

    He told me to be strong when I felt like giving up
    Gave me hope when I thought all hope is gone
    Told me to go his way
    Not the way of the crowd
    To follow His plans
    Not the expectations and plans of men
    What people say I can't do or say is too difficult
    I say this
    My God is above every difficulty and obstacle
    So I let Him define my reality and determine my truth
    Because He is all knowing
    He's Jesus
    The same yesterday, today and forever
    My future is in His hands