• shreyah 11w

    A- When the world fights a war
    B- halfway

    #combination #wod

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    F E U D

    Blue sky turns bluer,
    dusk dives, dad arrives,
    water splash, wrong
    vegetables, mom cries,
    dinner dies, argument

    The longer the night, the
    meagre the hope of earnings.
    Sleeping is difficult in towns
    where mornings run home.

    Squirrels break into a quarrel,
    brothers and their spouse,
    one blood, two house,
    ancestral property, raised
    brows, blood red floors,
    sprinting mouse.

    Halfway through a
    mundane day, a death
    and a death sentence.
    The walls wail, coins
    jingle. Who survived?

    When the world fights
    a war, burn the grudges
    and light peace.

    ┬ęshreyah || 19-09-21