• sharma_ritika 57w

    What My I Love You Means

    What My I love you means.....

    I care for you Forever. Come whatever may,
    I am always there with you, if I say love you.

    I love your body only, false. Wish to satisfy my needs. Use you. Falser.
    I just love you, your soul, if I say love you.

    My happiness lies in your smile alone.
    My insecurities too are an embellishment of my love for you.
    I am constantly falling deeper into your love, say. If I say I love you.

    I only ask for two wishes to come true,
    The first is staying with you forever, and,
    You staying with me forever being the second.
    If I say love you.

    I am angst-ridden,
    If I see you with someone else. Yes.
    That's my kind of possessiveness for you ,if I say "I love you"

    Accept all these terms of mine, While I want the same out of you.
    Stay by my side, with me.
    If YOU say, "I love you.

    Otherwise leave me as I was,on my own. Alone, suffering, sad maybe, but fine.
    And DON'T say I love you.