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    They say I m out of the ashes unburnt
    And they mentioned I was coffee undissolved
    Oh did I say I was the kohl
    Spread over white marble
    I lacked lustre and dull glow
    I was shine and rarer black
    Not to be reasoned with my sibling
    Who was white milk beige
    And here I stood apart
    No where belonging
    To the family norms
    My aunts considerably worried
    Suggested paste and scrubs
    And secret creams all tested
    But my leather as stubborn it could be
    Didn't budge an inch
    I asked mother am I not your child
    She shocked asked, why
    Then why am I not mild
    She smiled and patted and
    Then spoke I wanted and prayed
    The best for you in everything
    While all colours adulterate soon
    But never ever black
    Made me happy and gay
    The lack of temporary
    Insight paved way
    I was not the one that only was
    Born this way
    I just didn't know the lack
    Was never a matter of fact
    Your values matter a lot .
    But you know I still blame my mother
    To have been born like that .
    The only difference I would never
    Ever change any bit of what I have

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