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    1. Tata sons chairman to meet PM Modi today.

    2. Tamil Nadu - Feb 1, schools and colleges to reopen.

    3. Bhuvan Bam's Dhindora creates and shatters history by getting 400 million views becoming India's most-watched show on youtube.

    4. 'Prithviraj' director Chandraprakash dwivedi wins padma shree award, dedicates the honour to country.

    5. Punjab:days after CM pick, AAP releases new party song.

    6. Sofia Mills releases new song 'Wish I Would' off upcoming debut album.

    7. Studio Ghibli's theme park to open in Japan on November 1st.

    8. Tobey Maguire and Willem Dafoe break Guinness World Record with Spider-Man:No way home.

    9. 'Pachinko' gives first glimpse at emotional journey featuring Lee Min Ho, Kim Min Ha, and Youn Yuh Jung.

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    1. There are 2,700 languages with over 7,000 individual dialects spoken around the world today.

    2. Every two weeks, another language or dialect goes extinct.

    3. The language with the most extensive alphabet in the world belongs to the Cambodian language Khmer and is 74 characters long.

    4. Over 300 languages are spoken in the United States, but South Africa holds the record for the country with the most official languages

    5. Mandarin is the most spoken language.

    6. A person who masters languages is called a polyglot.

    7. 30% of English terms come from French words.

    8. Japanese has no distinction for singular plural words.

    9. The word "goodbye" is a combination or contraction of "God be with you."

    10. Cryptophasia is the secret language of twins.

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    Passion streaming from heart do possess power Void of wings but possess power to rise


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