• lovenotes_from_carolyn 24w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    The desert sun takes no prisoners
    It is cruel, ruthless, and unrelenting
    Brittle bones and parched hearts abound, and there is seemingly no curative in sight
    Still, there is beauty here, stark and rugged
    It'll surprise you and catch you off guard
    Don't look for greenery, or signs of life
    For there is little to none around
    A mild winter lends to a harsh summer
    Comprised of blazing temperatures
    And an unforgiving barometer
    Any northerner with a lick of sense would hastily take leave of this place, barren wasteland that it is
    But somehow, I've come to love it
    I thrive in the comforting consistency of the midday sun, followed by the lunar blessed eves
    And I adore the odd shapes of the prickly cacti, or "desert shrapnel," as I'm prone to call them
    Night arrives, bearing blessed relief from the heat of day
    And this seemingly barren oasis is suddenly teeming with life
    There are jackrabbits, roadrunners, coyotes, and reptiles of every kind
    By day, they hide from the sun's glaring rays
    Stealthy hunters they become, by night
    There's a pervasive silence, here in the desert
    Which quiescently coincides with an unheard primal scream
    The rules are simple here: survive, or die trying
    Many have succumbed to the latter
    Here, we live under the threat that summer is coming... Always
    The death knell tolls throughout the day, on any given hot, dry afternoon
    Whilst a nearby Lark Sparrow belts out a doleful tune, temporarily breaking through the minutiae of the oppressive heat
    She takes careful measures to avoid placing herself in the direct rays of the scorching sun
    A solar inferno that regularly claims lives, but not prisoners; here, in the desert.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 2/16/2022

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