• chaithra_nayak 10w

    The Virat Kohli

    The name itself says "VIRAT",
    signifying a great leader; a king
    always been a eye of inspiration
    to millions of youngsters,
    set his sight on a triumph.
    A bad-boy turned up to be GOAT
    calibrating his dream goals,
    who prioritised nation ahead
    of his father's demise.

    Your game, your records
    speaks your persistence.
    The hunger for wins,
    the roaring aggression,
    idol of umpteen youths,
    the classy aura of yours,
    flattered many by looks.

    The kid in you allurs joy
    and happiness in the squad.
    Cover drives of yours,
    drives millions of us crazy.
    Like a serotonin dose,
    your smile adores the most.
    Wish to bubble wrap you
    from all the negatives and
    pray for all your success.