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    Chapter 27: Olav’s Story

    The bastard glared at me in rage as I clutched his fist tighter. ‘Who the fuck are you?’ he growled through clenched teeth.

    ‘Someone who hates to see men beating women,’ I growled, doing my best not to reveal my fangs.

    ‘I wasn’t beating her.’

    ‘You were about to!’

    Moki had helped Rachel to her feet. ‘Are you alright?’

    ‘Yes. Talk about perfect timing on your guys' part.’

    ‘What I say and do to my girlfriend is our bus-' I didn’t let him finish his statement. I merely tightened my grip on his fist, causing him to groan in pain.

    ‘I’m not your girlfriend, and haven’t been for weeks!’ Rachel shouted at him angrily.

    Clive was about to say something when I bent down to him, revealing my fangs. Clive screamed at the sight of me as his eyes widened.

    ‘Olav, no!’ Moki shouted, quickly shaking his head. ‘Not here!’

    I then turned to Rachel, who was visibly trembling. She clearly saw what I almost did to Clive.

    I then grabbed Clive by the throat and looked him in the eye. ‘You will no longer follow this woman. You will not have any interest nor have any memory of her. You’ll also no longer harm any other woman. Understand?’

    Clive nodded in a trance like state. I had him under my spell.

    ‘Good. Now go,’ I said in a sharp tone.

    Off he went, running in a terrified manner.

    I then turned to look at Rachel, who was trembling, and staring at me wide-eyed. ‘It’s alright,’ Moki told her. ‘I assure you, he means no harm. In fact, he saved my life when I was a child.’

    I nodded as I carefully stepped towards her. ‘It’s true, Dear Girl.’ I looked at the direction where the cowardly man had run off. ‘His father abused him as it was obvious that swine treated you the same way.’

    Rachel frowned at me. ‘How would you know that?’

    ‘He was about to hit you when I grabbed his hand to stop him.’

    Rachel looked down, looking sombre. ‘I should go back to my place,’ she sighed. ‘It’s been quite a night. But…thank you both.’

    ‘I don’t think that’s safe,’ Moki said. ‘You shouldn’t be home alone since he knows where you live. Why not have one of us spend the night with you?’

    ‘No.’ The brief word fell from my lips. ‘Even though I hypnotised him, he may fall out of my spell. That had happened before. Either way, he knows where you live.’

    Moki sighed. ‘Shit, you’re right.’ We both recalled his teenage years when his father hunted him down and attacked him. I attacked his father to defend Moki, which landed him in a hospital.

    ‘Well, what do we do now?’ Rachel asked.

    I reached out to her. ‘Forgive me.’ I brushed my hand over eyes, causing her to have a fainting spell as Moki grabbed her.


    An eerie silence filled the room when Rachel noticed the angry look on Simone’s face. ‘As grateful as I am to you for saving Rachel, Olav, that bastard should consider himself fortunate it was you there and not me. I would have drained his miserable life.'

    ‘Oh, he almost did, Grandma,’ Rachel said, softly.
    ‘Moki stopped him.’

    ‘So what happened next?’ Carrie asked.

    Rachel and Olav turned to look at one another, smiling.