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    Oky? Maybe.

    a lot to see, a lot to feel; this road you've been travelling will lead you to your destiny either soon or at eleventh-hour; a little long it may seem, far from reach, but all you've got is hope within; A hope that flutters for best; hope that's huge than life and hope that brings you peace and ease; you might curse the days that will lay before you, others may develop themselves with the change and connection; Life has never been good, not only towards you but for everyone around; storm rages at each one of us with same extend, pain resurfaces us over and over again. When all you wish is to end up everything that's happening, rub away all the times you've been broken and lost in this world. You regret over failures, you cry over love, things seem wrapping you again with the same inconveniences.

    Burdened with expectations, tied with knots countless. All breathless and tired you're alone in this crowd. Cm'on let things hurt, don't worry about scars. Learn to wear them, learn to let go. All you've got is you! Enough and Fierce.
    Everyone's fighting their own battles, no one's left untouched. Everyone's wishing for someone who would listen to them; but hardly they find one, you be that one for them; a long way to go. More mornings to come and nights at same time, lightening will burn you up but then raindrops are also there to caress you.
    Life's boring, except for your smiles, skies and some flowers; fresh and young; what do you want when all you have? Feel a little more, understand things with depths, overthink things less. Take a walk. Go and run, embrace the sunshine.

    Heal. And. Rise.


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    sunset unfolds to sunrise;
    thunder brings stormy rain;
    there's a difference in the way,
    you feel things, the way you,
    let them slip into your being;
    the same moon, for some is,
    spotted for rest it's soothing;