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    The November wind blowing at my face was more chilling than usual. My exposed hands and legs were numb , but something pulled me to the spot I was standing . The light canopy of the silent mist tiptoed through the atmosphere without drawing attention. Bright yellow lights of the many lanterns lit against the blue hazed November night brought people to the temporary huts of the gypsy folk. They were cooking their food around a small fire and the smell wafted from the place assured that it was meat. They asked me if I could join them and before I had an opportunity to reply they handed me a plate filled with cooked meat with whole shallots and dried red paprika. In a mud made mug that had seen better days , the same old woman who gave me the plate , poured some wine to wash down the food she handed. I began to eat before she prompts me to eat again , and soon I realised that I was hungry. The succulent steak slices were carefully cut into neat thin pieces to absorb the sweetness of the shallots and the smokey hotness of the dried red paprika. They were kept under a small fire and was subjected to slow cooking and the resultant flavour of the food exploded in my tongue. The wine was more bitter than sweet but was better with the smokey sweet steak slices.
    And then an old woman with silver wiry hair began a story....

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