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    It was the time of night fall
    Sun was sinking behind the horizon
    Stars were shimmering in the welkin
    Like wildflowers thrive in the meadows
    The scarlet and maroon hues of leaves
    Sparkling by the falling rays of silvery moon
    I was blooming with the tenebrousity of night
    I stole the the silver hues from the speck of cresant moon and the apricot hues from the setting sun.

    I was swinging and dancing gleefully with the cold breeze and grining brightly like a princess standing in her orange castle amongst the kingdom of greeny leaves.

    spreading my exotic,intoxicating scent through zephyr exhilarating suitor's heart. shining and fluttering with the songs of nightingales.

    I found myself falling from the tree and carpeting the ground below the tree. I gazed at the sky and my kingdom with teary eyes reminiscing the vintage memories of last night.
    Then I saw a brunnet dressed up in all black with tears in her eyes.She picked me and my mates and fastened us in a ring. She started walking towards the grassland holding the wreath in her hands. Seeing the tombstones i recognized it is a graveyard. She placed us on the tombstone of her parents.

    We waited there laying quietly redolenting the cemetery.
    Ensanguing the skies sun came out. With the first touch of its golden rays my lips became powerless. I begun to wilt with the burst of yellow rays. I slowly embraced by the forever deep slumber and swept by the blustery wind of autumn .
    ~night-flowering Jasmine

    #autobiography #wod

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