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    People often ask me if I still haven't grown-up, for I refuse to let go of my obsession towards Harry Potter. But I always tell them, that I staunchly stand by my Love for the franchise. Albeit, that love has now surpassed the medium of films and forayed into the world of books.

    What I've admired about the story and the plethora of characters in it is the theme of redemption and the ardent need to stand tall, despite the predicaments. It is about friendship, reverence towards your teachers, learning, mastering and marveling what you feel you are best at and primarily, my most favourite phenomenon, called Hope.

    I remember watching, and eventually reading, The Prizoner of Azkaban and thinking how subtly they managed to induce so much of depth about life in an otherwise commercial storyline. And it is now that I truly deciphered what the intensity of those characters and the plotline was.

    The Dementors symbolise the Darkness that we see in our lives. It has been given many names, fear, panic, anxiety, depression, sorrow, grief and so on. But the key to defend and disarm them was the Patronus Charm, one of the magical spell that'd emit a light taking shape of an animal. And soon it'd dissipate those ugly and melancholic Dementors.

    I always felt that the ones who get affected by pessimistic energy are extremely weak. But over the years, I had the good fortune of witnessing an epiphany where I experienced that it is not the ones who are at the receiving end of negativity that are weak, but the ones producing it. For, it takes a huge amount of internal negativity to generate that and inflicit it on someone else.

    To all those who feel that Darkness is engulfing them I'd advise you to face it with utmost impudence and scream at It, telling It that you are not weak as you have so much of optimism filled inside that the bad vibes coming from It may affect you but never break you for you have the Light of Faith inside that'd soon heal all the scars. But it is indeed a sad thing for The Darkness only has those gloomy feelings and that is a strong sign of weakness, and not something to be proud of. You should feel pity for the lack of sight that It carries resulting in an absence of a broader view. A view of how beautiful this world is. So one must follow this process of bringing positivity and creating happiness in life.

    And thus one should always be prepared, in order to eradicate everything that is concerning them, with one's wand of consciousness and the brevity of speech to clearly say, Expecto Patronum!



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