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    I know this may seem to be very lame. So i am sorry for this one.����

    But I had a point to keep so I wrote this. I have seen people appreciating popularity more than talent. I have seen people who pay really less attention to those who are not that popular. And that really saddens me��. Coz there are many such cases where people give up on their talents and creativity just because they never received such appreciation and recognition. And this is the saddest part��. Atleast we all should try our best to appreciate them coz there is no better way to motivate them.

    Coz real upliftment of oneself is only when he/she uplifts the others along with him/her.

    I don't know how many of you will read this and then how many of you will understand my motive and then how many of you will try to implement it. But even if a single person changes coz of this post, I would be glad enough. ������

    THANK YOU.❤️

    I, in no way, want to hurt the sentiments of anyone. And also I never meant to say that the ones who are popular enough, are not worthy of it. People only get what they really deserve.��

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    Who do we appreciate?
    Is that the one who is more popular,
    or the one who has more followers,
    or the one who is actually talented yet unnoticed?

    Why do we appreciate?
    Is it because we expect that back from them,
    or we want to be included in their good books,
    or because they really deserve it?

    What do we appreciate?
    Is it their fame,
    or their stardom,
    or their behaviour,
    or their talent?

    Praising good work is important,
    so it's good to appreciate.
    Appreciation is the way to motivate,
    towards betterment, make people persuade.