• 845doe 90w

    I have been reckless with you
    Giving you responsibility too
    For everything that's broken
    For every word said and spoken
    I think there was too many words
    I gave them away like flocks of birds
    Flying suddenly off the ground
    Scared you with the sudden sound
    You heard more than you should
    I'm sorry I misunderstood
    What healthy boundaries are
    I should have selected them from afar
    Cleaned them and inspected them alone
    Before throwing them like stones
    Cause you're not superhuman like I made you out to be
    I'm sorry I couldn't see you clearly
    I guess I just needed what you said
    I have to release it now instead
    So that I won't cling to an illusion
    Of me being your unique revolution
    Because I have to be my own resolution