• _still_in_mess 69w

    29th August 2019
    3:00 A.M

    I'm still in love with the blur memories of that night, where night was full of flaws and I was small part of it.It was probably midnight, I was wondering in my thoughts walking on the black shore full of craggy small landscapes with my barefoot.Sound of those lofty though balmy waves were
    holding their presence in curve of my ears,but my ears were acting as enough to pretend they are dead.The calmness of air wasn't enough to blush my cheeks,they weren't able to react.The shelter of sky with stars were making carands for whole universe to laugh at me.Exactly what was happening?!. I still don't remember.As the sand was passing beneath my feets the sand was poking me with torns . I guess everyone was on polar side of my grief.The heart was sobbing with tears,full of fading philocaly. My shaky hands were unable to weigh those saudade belonging to bear and hold me again to stand up with eunoia mind.The diary in my hand was bleeding with ink of my thoughts, which I never thought to pour down.
    The mangata on waves were crossing the limit to make everything beautiful as I use to love the sea with reflection,but this time it felt like it's irritating me ,full of chaos.The way everything was taking place the psychomacy of me was cursing my breathe for existence.Everything was happening in such a force that I lost alate to fly from oculis of sight. I tried to detach myself from this sudden mysterious scars patched on my life but I was unable to help myself , sudden start of rain made me adbitory to recollect the shadow of my past. I closed my eyes and all I had infront were all imprecation baltering once called ‘lifetime blessings'. But still the attachment of those memories were close to me as every breathe I was inhaling and exhaling.
    I was just wondering sitting on rock in reminiscene playing all flashbackes in my fragile mind with tears, making the pieces of hopes again to stand on my own querencia .
    And sudden unforeseen I felt the warm hug from back, from the known,skilled and warm hands wrapped around me which made my heart calm for bit. I turned around to see myself in those warm hug's eyes and all I saw was the erroneous believe this time which was forcing me to give the silence between moon & me as those eyes used to owe it. Smize of eyes were false this time, shine was lost . I was wondering predicting every single unnoticeable though always been sins in those eyes. As I was quite those eyes asked me,“ Is their anything wrong?" ..As I had nothing to say for those eyes enough now , I just nodded my head saying “no"..
    And those warm hands held themselves around my shoulders to take me again back to myself walking with me in low waves touching our feets with cold water , talking about everything(as my ears used to always love the words of those eyes).But this time all I had nothing to weave in that voice..I was just lost in pondering ,‘how , I'm gonna whelve the memories of those eyes to make myself hold,again?.'


    Ps:- Pure fiction :p
    Old words from my draft

    Pc: ‘Me'

    #farewell to someone

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