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    You loved me once
    You loved me twice
    You loved me everyday
    Every moment ,every second
    But you lied me,

    Leaving only wishpers behind
    I feel your memory in silence
    I love you in the emptiness
    I see you in the darkness
    But You hided everything to me,

    Your ashes scar my dream
    Your scent haunt my days
    You eyes Pierce mine
    Drowning in memory
    I see you once

    Your fingers brush mine,
    I listen for your heart beat
    And finding hummingbird songs
    And I remember
    You cheated me.



    Date : 24/11/2021 06:37 AM
    Lat,Long : 11.706,78.416

    @miraquill @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork #ceesreposts #silence #quiet

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    Below mask
    There is a face
    Gripped with fear
    Whipped with despair
    Wish to smile again,

    Below mask
    There is real-me
    Fighting with reel me
    'I am happy' mask screams,
    Still wanting someone really cares real-me,

    Below mask
    Prison of emotions
    Echo of reactions
    Cage of real-smile
    Still 'I am ok' mask screams,

    Below my mask
    Feel safe and hidden
    In pandemic of heartless
    Nobody cares but show off
    They only love to hear ' I'm fine.Thanks'.

    Below my mask
    I'm fed up
    A little breath I want
    A little space to cry
    An ear to wishper 'I need help'.