• in_fragments 11w

    Everything is alot right now, I woke up one morning and October was gone. I keep seeing interesting mushrooms on my walks lately though, so that's been cool, wish I could show you.
    #pod #poem #autumn #fall #haikus #mushrooms @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay

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    Gray skies contrast this
    orange, red, green, and yellow
    time, rich with color.
    Trees breathe with the wind,
    wanting to say hello, and
    reach out to hug you.
    Fall wind and fresh scent,
    unlike any smell man made,
    hasten- savor them!
    Mushrooms in the dirt,
    see their wild and compelling
    caps- perhaps poison?
    Mushroom caps; some smooth,
    some spotted, some resembling
    cheese, with many holes...
    These mushrooms are red
    and bright, like large ladybugs,
    stout atop fall leaves.
    Dandelions, quick
    to grow and blow away, seeds
    fly 'til they meet soil.