• iamsteverichard 106w

    Piece By Piece, I Become Whole

    Piece by piece
    I become whole.

    First, my feet
    They turn brave enough
    To walk out the door
    Into parts of myself that were waiting
    With patience and compassion.

    Second, my legs
    They grow strong like trunks of trees
    There to support the whispering leaves and flowering blossoms above them
    They embody softness
    And strength.

    Then, my hips
    They start to swing without shame
    They dance
    They twirl
    They have a sunlit soiree.

    Now, my belly
    The center of my being
    It tells me it is safe
    That it will no longer wake up with an ache of emptiness
    That it will be happy without drowning junk, and I can enjoy food

    Next, my lungs
    They drink in the ripeness of the air
    As the dust shakes off
    And turns to sugar.

    Now, my heart
    My sweet, sweet heart
    That has tumbled through the waves
    And still beats inside of me
    Red and juicy.
    I’m not sure if my heart becomes whole
    Because I realize
    It always was.
    I decide
    That to have felt it all
    Is wholeness.
    My heart—
    It can keep some of the pain.
    That’s why the sun shines so bright
    After days of rain
    That’s why the piece of chocolate cake
    Tastes so damn good.
    My heart, it is whole
    I’m sorry I forgot
    It always was.

    My lips emerge as the doorway from my soul to the world
    And art flows out of them like snowmelt after an impossible winter.
    My cheeks, they let the sun kiss them, and my nose takes in the smell of summer and fresh baked bread.
    My eyes, they meet themselves in the mirror
    And see a woman
    Who has built wild beauty
    Upon destruction.

    Piece by golden, unruly, and beautiful piece
    I become