• manasaa 16w

    AUGUST 09, 2021

    I have been reading you for a year. I must say how much I adore your skills, consistency, efforts and aesthetics of your writings. I can't even believe you ain't a literature student!
    Your words leave a mark just like your favourite red lipstick��

    Happy birthday Bidya di. I hope you have lots of good things happen to you this year. Keep writing and Keep slaying always♡

    Your little munchkin adores you a lot :)❤ Feeling proud to be the first wish for consecutive two birthdays of yours��

    @love_whispererr ��

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    ♡BIDYA DI♡

    She is a magician;
    and metaphors dance
    to her waving wand.

    She is a nightingale;
    chirping mellow muses
    on melancholic nights.

    She is a poetess;
    whose red painted lips
    utter colors of life.

    She is a master artist;
    penning master arts
    with her master artistry.