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    @wannabecreative HAPPY BIRTHDAY ��

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    To someone special,
    //Let me inhale phosphenes during sabaism just to exhale escasty of constellation to celebrate this special day//

    Endeavouring our journey of togetherness might struck my throat with reminiscence, blur my view with tears leaving a satisfactory smile on face yet complaining about something which doesn't exist.

    They say a good friend is the one who knows everything about you but still stands by your side, but DAMMNN yaar Prachi, you know about me more than I actually do now don't tell me k "hum dono ek hi toh hai"
    I've always been in love with the idea of the existence of universe and the immense energy lying out there until you've come and made my jaw drop in "awe"
    Speaking with you always feels like speaking to a better version of myself from some parallel universe and you literally made me believe in the concept of the "7 - dimensional theory of souls"

    I thought I was the only one to bring up the most random conversations or act over- dramatic or can fight over something which doesn't even exist until I spoke to you, right here on this platform for the first time wherein we spoke like some lost Kumbh Mela sisters, matching the exact same energy and thoughts, singing craziest songs out of the blue, fighting over the filmy dialogues and what not...
    ( I am not bringing up how artfully you'd turn taunts into my own insults)
    And recalling the dialogue where we almost yelled in unison k " Yaar tu mujhe pehle kyun nhi mili?" Still make my day and bring a tinge of smile on my face..

    Having someone who doesn't judge you, who can carry your words with the exact amount of intensity you've provided isn't less than a miracle, and you are a complete miracle (vo alag baath hai k saare miracles Angels nhi hotey, chudail bhi hotey hain thode)
    We share so may similarities.... Uffff, it's like whenever I try to carefully wrap- up my words to camouflage some vague feelings, you could read between the lines right through it and tell me exactly what I want to hear. The bond we share still feels surrealistic as if you are to be some fantacy
    ( Still, it doesn't change the fact k I've lent you half of my brain)

    I don't know why am I beating around the bush, I guess all I want to say is that I've never seen someone as unique as you, someone as talented and intelligent as you and someone as kind-hearted as you... You never act superior, you give people the freedom to express themselves, you just blend into the environment you've put into.... You make people feel special, you care about everyone, you can never see someone in trouble and you are the someone people can trust, you make a great leader and a great teacher who can show people the right path

    Thank you note: aaahhhh...!!! How can I ever thank you my dear @wannabecreative ... Let me try,
    Thank you very much for being an amazing frnd
    Thank you for being considerate
    Thank you for being such a sweet sis
    Thank you for being you
    Thank you for letting me be myself
    Thank you for letting us share this wonderful bond
    Finally, wish you a very happy birthday my dear @wannabecreative
    May Allah bless you with everything you deserve ❤️